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Fumitoshi UKAI

My name is Fumitoshi UKAI. Fumitoshi is given name and UKAI is family name. I was born in Kouka, Shiga, Japan and live in Minato-ku, Tokyo now.

I majored in Applied Mathematics & Physics Course in Faculty of Engineering of Kyoto University (1988/4-1992/3) and in Information System Labs in Department of System Science Graduate School of Informatics, Kyoto University (1992/4-1994/3). []
While I was a student, I was a member of Kyoto University Micro Computer Club (KMC). []

my booth in hplj I worked at hp labs, Tokyo Japan as a researcher from April 1st 1994 to May 31st 2006. []

I'm working at Google as Software Engineer since June 1st 2006. []

Debian developer

I'm a member of Debian Project. I maintain several debian packages, including mgp, w3m, hotplug, auto-apt, ca-certificates and mirror of debian in Japan, such as and I maintain at home since 2002/06/04. I was Application Manager of New Maintainer Team.

Debian JP Project

I initiated Debian JP Project in 1996 with some of debian members, such as, and so on, I was leader of Debian JP Project (1999-2002), sub leader of Debian JP Project (2003).

Debian JP Project is a volunteer group to make Debian better for Japanese. At first, we released jp version of debian, but we're putting our efforts into debian now. We wouldn't release jp version anymore since we concentrate debian distribution itself, not separeted distribution. Now, we believe debian is ready to use Japanese. We haven't updated any debian-jp packages for years. We'll continue to work in debian to make good support for Japanese. I was an editor of

Japan Linux Association ex-President

I'm one of promoters of Japan Linux Association, aka JLA, established on April 1999. I was a Vice President of JLA and director of system administration division in first period (1999/4-2001/5). I was a President in 2001/6-2005/5.

JLA was established in April 1999. JLA is an non-profit and open organization, which has about a thousand of personal members and several hundreds of corporation members. We maintain domain and provides some subdomains to volunteer groups, for example to webmasters, JF(Japanese FAQ) project, JM project, and help their administrative tasks. We held several events in Japan, especially Linux Conference

Free Software Initiative of Japan, Vice President, Chief Technology Officer

I'm a director of Free Software Initiative of Japan, Non-Profit organization for free software in Japan, established on July 2002. I'm a Vice President of FSIJ now (2003/6-). The objective of FSIJ is to contribute to Japan's economy and culture by stimulating and supporting the creativity of individuals. FSIJ will support developers and users of free software, advocate the principle of free software, organize international symposium, and facilitate the release of high quality free software from Japan to the rest of the world.

FSIJ holds several events for hackers, such as CodeFest that programmers get together in a place and hacking over night. FSIJ also supports Google Summer of Code to help students joining Free Software community.

Exploratory Software Project, Project Manager

I was a Project Manager in Exploratory Software Project 2003 and 2004. Exploratory Software Project is one of e-Japan project by IPA (Information Technology Promotion Agency, Japan) to support software genuis in Japan.


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